Sunday, September 14, 2014

Alsace: Vorburger-Meyer Winery

This was a fitting grand finale to our Alsace wine tour. After a stop to look at the grapevine rows belonging to one of our guides, we met Jean-Marie Vorburger. C'est un type formidable (He's a great guy!) who does everything from growing the grapes to selling an impressive variety of wines in a genuine vineyard-to-bottle operation.

He grows his grapes on a few hectares of family property, presses them in his new 40,000-Euro machine (you can see him explaining it to us four photos from the bottom), barrel ages them, bottles them, and markets them in his winery.

He produces several whites, Pinot Noir, and even his own Crémant d'Alsace. He's won a lot of awards (photo below) and proved to be a thoroughly charming and patient host. 

We couldn't resist buying a bottle of his house white for the road. At 4.75 Euros it was a bargain, as were his others, with several around the 10-Euro range. Quite a deal for really good wine.

It was, to borrow an expression from the world of oenophilia, a great finish to our day.

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