Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What Have We Forgotten This Time?

When we left our cruise we didn't realize until too late that Kathy's iPod Touch was still sitting on the kitchen counter being charged.

Our next-door neighbors kindly disconnected it (Thanks Victor!) at our request because, while checking out various charging cords and plugs on Amazon, Brian found quite a few reviews complaining that the little rascals had been discovered smoking - or even catching fire.

Like many other folks we keep a travel check list, now in some need of pruning and updating, and there are plants to be watered and doors to be locked. We've also filed our travel plans with credit card outfits and banks as needed. After that wallet theft in Delhi, we've continued to keep specific track of which card is in whose wallet and do some dividing between us.

In the midst of all this, we're finalizing plans for a dinner this Friday evening in Strasbourg with a group of FlyerTalk friends at Aux trois Chevaliers, and Saturday night a splurge dinner at la Casserole.

Let's just hope we have our passports and other essentials.

Updated: We just realized an International Driving Permit is required by Austria so a quick stop at the local AAA office is in order. 

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