Sunday, March 19, 2017

Munich Airport Hilton: Our Fourth Stay in Three Months

Our PSA-MUC flight on a Lufthansa CRJ was fine, with the flight attendants serving tasty little wrapped sandwiches and a variety of beverages, including beer and wine, on this one-hour flight. That's just little bit different from a typical domestic US one-hour flight on a regional jet, isn't it? This is typical for Europe.

We were intrigued that the flight attendant reading the announcements in German and English clearly spoke neither as her first language. This being Europe, she quite possibly speaks four or five others.

We picked up our bags at the carousel after a considerable wait - no German efficiency on display here, other than a countdown clock displaying how many minutes left before their arrival.

We strolled over to the Hilton and checked in here for the fourth time since the middle of January. 

The charming young supervisor who checked us in, Melina. complimented Kathy on her German, and we in turn complimented her virtually flawless American-accented English. It turns out Melina worked for a year at a Napa Valley hotel. Combine that on-the-job immersion with a good ear and - presto -an American accent emerges.

We have a beautiful room again - a two-room junior suite actually - and we intend to relax and enjoy it.

This Hilton property has looked after us very well. While on numerous past visits we've always made a beeline for one of the city Hiltons, we'll definitely keep this one in mind for future trips, especially since their plans to open an Executive Lounge at some point within a year will make it even more appealing, if that's possible.

The closet, and a spot to open a suitcase, occupy a little room between the bedroom and the main bathroom.

We're looking forward hopefully to a good night's sleep before flying MUC-AMS-YVR on KLM tomorrow morning.

This view of the large covered plaza connecting Terminal 1 and 2 reminds us that MUC is probably still our favorite European airport.

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