Thursday, September 28, 2017

Departing Dubai

We've used our stopover here mainly to rest up and get used to the 11-hour time difference.

We elected not to visit the world's tallest building, even before we found out it cost well over $100 each. Besides, we got plenty of views from the plane's downward facing camera.

We walked around "The Walk" for awhile, but noticed both the heat and the humidity. We're told in the summer that temperatures can reach 120 F / 50 C or more. 

A lot of the names on storefronts look familiar.

We don't how many actual UAE citizens we encountered. A lot of service industry employees are from other countries, and we've met people from the Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, and India. The tourists are from all over as well, and we heard European languages that we couldn't quite recognize.

The food was good and a couple of half-price deals made our two dinners quite reasonable.

The Emirates chauffeur service is very pleasant, and we're looking forward to three more such drives  during the course of this trip, here, Mumbai, and back in Dallas.

All in all, it's made for a good stopover. We're looking forward to our second trip to India with excitement and, truth be told, a little apprehension. Our first visit was tiring and at times almost overwhelming, but also a lot of fun. 

Onward to BOM.

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