Friday, September 29, 2017

Mumbai Airport Hilton

A reasonable flight on Emirates from Dubai to Mumbai, including lunch.

Once landed, we walked a heck of a distance to get to Immigration. Despite a lack of lines, that seemed to take awhile.

After some confusion, we found an ATM and withdrew some cash. We then found the Emirates driver with our name and he whisked us the short distance to the Hilton in five minutes.

The car, our luggage, and we go through rudimentary security and we check in.

Checking in takes awhile, as the clerk also needs to examine our passports and tourist visa. Eventually he has all he needs and we're escorted to our room, decorated in a rather British colonial style.

The Executive Lounge is just down the hall, and there's time for a quick beer and an early bedtime.

We fly to Cochin st 9:15 a.m. tomorrow on Jet Airways in coach (horrors!), so we'd best get some rest.

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