Thursday, February 8, 2018

Fisherman's Terrace Restaurant- Richmond, B.C.

A wonderful dinner with friends in this eatery in the Aberdeen Centre Mall. Will we enjoy anything this much in China next week? It will be tough to top this meal.

It's almost Chinese New Year.

Our friends consult with the waiter.

Eventually there's no space left on the table.

Beijing (Peking) Duck, including plates of duck skin, duck meat (and moo shu pancakes to wrap them), veggies, tofu and duck broth start us off.

Lettuce wrap...

Beautifully spiced fish...

Pork chops...

The meal ends with a tasty and nutritious sweet red bean "soup" for dessert.

What an evening! Thank you Wes, Flora, "Mama," and Terence. We wish you could order for us next week in Chongqing.

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