Friday, February 18, 2022

Covid Testing to Enter the U.S.

Travel still presents many challenges, from wearing masks to having to show proof of vaccination to enter restaurants in some jurisdictions, Hawaii for example. For another example, as of now the U.S. is still requiring a negative viral test (NAAT or antigen test) to enter the country.

Before arriving at our first U.S. port on our fall transatlantic cruise, Oceania arranged for free testing on board.

The Hilton hotel we stayed at in Cancun Mexico in January arranged free on-site testing for guests.

Flying back from Europe at the end of March, as we have planned at the moment, will leave us to make our own arrangements. The U.S. State Department has posted some country-specific details here

Travel guru Christopher Elliott has a column up in USA Today:

How to find a hotel with COVID testing and quarantine facilities wherever you travel

Our plan is to fly back to the U.S. from Rome. The Rome Airport is currently offering tests. Since tests are required of every inbound U.S. passenger, we can probably assume the airports and/or airlines will continue to make them available. Of course, everything may change again between now and April 13, the date of our flight.

Being a traveler isn't as simple as it used to be. 

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