Monday, February 7, 2022

Duffy’s Sports Grill: A Swing and a Miss in Fort Lauderdale

We hike over to a Publix to buy some wine for balcony sipping.

It’s lunchtime and we’re standing next to Duffy’s Sports Grill, which gets decent reviews. In we go.

It takes seven or eight minutes to get seated. We should have bailed.

The food isn’t awful and the server is friendly, but it’s the better part of an hour before we make our escape. What can go wrong with a simple salad and sandwich lunch special!

First, the lettuce in the Caesar Salad is warm (or maybe room temperature in a Florida restaurant kitchen).

Second, one Reuben arrives without sauerkraut. A minor point in Duffy’s favor is that the sauce comes on the side.

An upscale atmosphere for a sports bar, but that’s all. Insert your own sports metaphor here.

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