Monday, November 9, 2009

the Lufthansa Market Place and a Bus Tour of FRA

The Flyer Talk Star Alliance Mega DO
Nov. 6
Frankfurt Lufthansa Marketplace - A day of tours and activites at Lufthansa's main base, with some special surprises!
•09:00 CET Pick up at the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport
Meet in the Sheraton lobby
•16:30 CET Return to Sheraton Frankfurt Airport.

Friday found us back at FRA, somewhat exhausted after the previous day's flight, but still looking forward to Lufthansa's "Market Place" and a tour of the airport.

Because there were only so many tour guides available, our group's guide was Dr. Peter Pfragner, the Fraport Marketing, Sales Support, Boards and Committees Marketing Manager, who had been one of the dignitaries welcoming the Flyer Talkers. He proved to be a charming guide. Brian told him if job became too stressful that he had a future as a fulltime guide, a joke he appreciated.

Lots of chances to take photos as we rode around the perimeter of this huge airport.

Then it was back to the Market Place in one area of the airport, where one of our speakers was the CEO of Lufthansa, Wolfgang Mayrhuber. He came across as a charming and humorous gentleman. We certainly appreciated the significant time he invested in a speaking to our group of fanatic flyers.

From there we took a bus ride out to Seeheim, experienced a lapse in typical German efficiency when it took a long time to check in at the Lufthansa Conference Center, ate dinner, went to bed, and got up early enough Saturday morning to catch the transfer bus back to FRA, from where we caught a train to the Frankfurt Hilton and the final night of our quick trip.

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