Friday, November 6, 2009

The Star Mega DO

We're back in bed at the Lufthansa Training and Conference Center while the younger folks party.

It's been an amazing event. Yesterday, the charter day, we started in Frankfurt and flew to Oslo, landing in snowy weather. SAS welcomed us warmly with entertainment and expertise in a large hangar. A few local Flyer Talkers joined the tour at this point.

We then flew to Toulouse and toured the Airbus factory. We'll throw a few pictures up later but it's amazing how quickly we get used to these gigantic aircraft.

We eventually flew back to Frankfurt, where we enjoyed the hospitality of the Lufthanansa Tower Lounge, except for the food being all gone.

We found a reasonably priced restaurant in the basement of the hotel and prepared ourselves for Friday.

When we met at the Lufthansa Market Center this morning, we had great access to a variety of Star Alliance information sources. In any case, we are now at the Seeheim Lufthansa training center, a glorified college campus. Our tour today comprised the circumference of the Frankfurt Airport. Our tour guide was Dr. Peter Pfrangner,the FRAPORT marketing manager.

For what it's worth we're completely exhausted, right down to the sore feet we're enjoying after several days on cement factory floors. Still, we've greatly enjoyed our whirlwind here and will head back to Seattle Sunday morning, once our feet have a chance to relax.

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