Monday, November 9, 2009

Randy Petersen, Mr. Flyer Talk, on #678 ORD-EWR

The Flyer Talk Star Alliance Mega DO...
•10:52 CST United flight 678 departs for EWR

About 30-35 of us boarded UA 678 for EWR. We each got to board in small groups and sit in the cockpit.

Our upgrades didn't clear - no surprise in this crowd of frequent flyers, but we were seated in E+ right in front of Mr. Flyer Talk himself, Randy Petersen. The Wall Street Journal refers to Randy as "... the most influential frequent flyer in America," while The New York Times tagged him "the world's leading expert on airline frequent flyer programs." He also proves to be as friendly and laid back a fellow as you could find anywhere.

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