Monday, November 30, 2009

A Rainy Alabama Day

Living in the Northwest, it's always interesting for us to find out firsthand how hard the rain can be in other locales. It poured here for some time this morning, but now it's more or less overcast. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, with more rain to follow Wednesday.

We're still keeping pretty close to home as we await Riley's new baby brother. Mommy and we took Riley to the park yesterday - it was shirtsleeve weather - and she went to the Birmingham Science Center with her daddy this morning, and Grandma and Grandpa will probably take her back there at some point.

Riley enjoys the zoo too so that'll be another destination whenever the weather permits.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure which is better with the rain - getting it all once or having it rain many days out the year but not very hard. Anyway, it looks like there's lots to do there even when it's raining so that's good. We're very much looking forward to the arrival of Riley's brother. We wish we could be there too but since we can't it'll be wonderful to see the first pictures! All our best to Kim! Dennis