Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here We Go Again

The Embassy Suites in Burlingame is a pleasant enough place. Our room has a view of the bay and the airport, and we can watch planes landing and taking off. We caught good views also while walking yesterday.

Yesterday's shuttle from the airport was entertaining. The driver apologized for the loud bell that rang whenever he put it in gear. It wasn't long before we noticed steam rising from the engine. There were a couple of flight crew on board and one pilot had that on his iPod or some similar device the honking siren associated with a diving submarine and for awhile we thought it was another noise coming from the engine.

The van more-or-less stalled at the Doubletree across the street so we walked over to the ES and checked in, leaving the flight crew and their sound effects.

We're off to breakfast and then it's time to try out SFO security, specialists in trying to limit the carry-ons of passengers before you ever hit the TSA checkpoint. (It's not technically the TSA at SFO but it's all the same to the passenger).

We're meeting a FlyerTalker friend from previous Oz Fests, Brendan, in the International Red Carpet Club. We ran into him while waiting for an elevator in the Bangkok Hilton last January, and our one-day delay means we can discuss the SIN Do before leaving SFO.

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