Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SEA-SFO Only Somewhat Faster Than Driving Today

Oops! Here we sit on the plane at SEA after a sudden air traffic delay.

I posted the above by text message as we sat in the "penalty box" at SEA. Yes, as we taxied out, we heard ground control inform the captain that we'd be sitting on the ground for 60 minutes before taking off. He was as surprised as we were, since we'd literally just left the gate. Had we not, we still could have caught the SEA-NRT flight.

As a result, we missed our connection in San Francisco and are checked in at the Burlingame Embassy Suites. Our room looks out on San Francisco Bay and we're about to go for a walk along it.

We've been "protected" to fly the same flights tomorrow SFO-NRT and NRT-SIN, still in C (Business). Yay!

Tomorrow's another day.

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Kim said...

Too bad about the missed connection, but I hope you have a pleasant night in San Fracisco. Great that you're still on track for tomorrow!