Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Narita Hilton

We stayed here last night for $73 US so we can't complain too much about the negatives, especially considering Japanese prices in general. Food costs at the hotel restaurants are steep compared to the meals we were finding in the Shiodome area, but of course they have a largely captive audience, unless you want a catch a shuttle back to the airport to try to find a better deal.

The bed felt okay at first but Kathy awoke with a sore back and then realized there are about four inches of soft foam on top. We have a view of the runway but didn't hear a sound last night.

We were comped the continental breakfast, which was okay. It's the first hotel we can recall in which little cups of instant coffee sitting in the room cost about two dollars each. We waited for the real coffee in the restaurant, and it was pretty good, as was the assortment of food, including green salads, cold meats and cheese, fruit and yougurt, and a variety of breads and rolls.

Rather than shuttle into Narita City, we're just hanging around the hotel. There's a really good gym in the basement where we spent 45 minutes on adjacent treadmills this morning watching CNN on individual monitors. We're now packing and will plan to arrive at Narita early and do a little lounge hopping.

For the price, we'd definitely stay again. It's way more than a step below the other hotels we've stayed in on this trip, but if we'd just flown in and were looking for a good night's sleep it would certainly fill the bill without breaking the wallet.


Dennis Warner said...

I'm not surprised that you enjoyed your stay in Tokyo. It's an exciting city and quite different from smaller cities like Nagoya or Kasugai. In many ways it's more westernized than the smaller areas but definitely a great place to visit.

Kathy and Brian said...

We have a yen to return in the future and see more of the country, even though we're getting rid of all our remaining yen to pay for the room.