Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010: The Twelve Months Of Travel

We're not scheduled to fly again until New Year's Eve, so we can relax, get ready for Christmas, and reflect on a good year of travel. Not counting our December 31 flight SEA-IAD-MIA, which will add another 3227 flown miles to our 2010 totals, we flew 152,619 BIS ("butt-in-seat") miles on United Airlines and affiliated Star Alliance carriers. That doesn't count the odd trip on non-Star carriers, most notably the 5480 miles on our Hawaiian Airlines round trip flight between HNL (Honolulu) and PPT (Papeete Tahiti). Our United flights comprised 82 separate legs. A leg refers to to each time you take off, fly, and land. For example, our upcoming SEA-IAD-MIA flight consists of two legs. That's a lot of ups and downs.

It's great to relax around home for awhile, to see our grandkids here and there and even to attend the odd social event such as the upcoming Wine Club Christmas Dinner in Birch Bay Village, but we're already looking forward to some serious travel in 2011.

In between checking out hotels and activities for some of those 2011 trips, we're going to look back at this past year. Come along if you'd like in the next few entries.

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