Friday, December 31, 2010

Our First Full Patdown - Happy New Year

As we went through TSA security at SEA this morning Kathy put out the thermos cups that we're taking along our cruise, knowing there's a "thermos alert" of some sort or other.

Apparently standard operating procedure is to test both the cups and the owner's hands. While the cups tested negative, Kathy's hands tested positive. It must be the Doubletree soap.

That results in a full enhanced patdown. When two female screeners finally appeared for the search (one to search and one to watch) they suggested it be done in a private room. We said no thank you, as we'd advise anybody else, and she was patted and rubbed right out in full view.

It wasn't as bad as the worst we've read about, but still not the greatest way to start a long day at 5:30 a.m.

In any event, we're sitting in the RCC waiting to board in a few minutes, we have seats in F on our flight to IAD, and things look good for Tom and family heading through DEN so we'll remain positive - and not just our hands.

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