Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Britain mulls new airports law after Heathrow chaos"

We recently provided a link to The Travel Insider, who offered some strong opinions about the closure of LHR during the pre-Christmas snow. This disrupted the travel plans of thousands, along with undoubtedly costing the airlines a lot of money. Our own David was very fortunate to have been in the right place (an airport - BOM) at the right time (five hours before his flight as he'd just flown back on an Indian domestic flight) and thus snag one of the last three seats on an alternative non-stop flight that didn't connect in LHR.

Articles here and here indicate today that the British government is interested in introducing laws allowing regulators to fine airports for travel disruption.

While we're instinctively suspicious of any new laws, rules, or regulations measured against the law of unintended consequences, this is one issue that just might benefit from some governmental oversight.

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