Monday, December 20, 2010

AOL Investigation: "No Proof TSA Scanners Are Safe"

Yes, we're on record as doubting it's been established that the new backscatter "Advance Imaging Technology" X-ray scanners are safe.

Who will guarantee the machines will always be operated properly?

Who will guarantee the machines will be maintained properly?

AOL has just published a disturbing analysis that seems to confirm our concerns.

Just for starters...

The problem is that the TSA offers no proof that anyone is checking to see if the machines are "working properly."

The TSA ticks off a litany of groups that it says are involved with determining and ensuring the safety of the controversial devices, including:

* The Food and Drug Administration
* The U.S. Army Public Health Command
* Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
* The Health Physics Society

However, AOL News has found that those organizations say they have no responsibility for the continuing safety of the alternative to TSA's grope.

The entire unsettling article may be read here.

We'll be looking for factual rebuttals and will be sure to post any we find.

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