Friday, December 24, 2010

The Twelve Months of Travel: September 2010

Sep. 01, 2010 UA 6471 K Class ABQ to LAX
* 677 flight miles
Sep. 01, 2010 UA 6594 K Class LAX to SEA
* 954 flight miles
Sep. 02, 2010 UA 827 S Class SEA to SFO
* 678 flight miles
Sep. 02, 2010 UA 294 S Class SFO to BWI
* 2,457 flight miles
Sep. 04, 2010 UA 445 S Class BWI to DEN
* 1,490 flight miles
Sep. 04, 2010 UA 339 S Class DEN to SEA
* 1,024 flight miles
Sep. 14, 2010 UA 576 W Class SEA to DEN
* 1,024 flight miles
Sep. 14, 2010 UA 902 W Class DEN to IAD
* 1,452 flight miles
Sep. 14, 2010 UA 936 W Class IAD to ZRH
* 4,158 flight miles
Sep. 15, 2010 OS 562 Y Class ZRH to VIE
* 375 flight miles
Sep. 21, 2010 OS 563 Y Class VIE to ZRH
* 375 flight miles
Sep. 24, 2010 UA 937 W Class ZRH to IAD
* 4,158 flight miles
Sep. 24, 2010 UA 917 W Class IAD to SEA
* 2,306 flight miles

We did some fairly serious flying in September, starting with a return trip from Kathy's Durango high school reunion via Albuquerque. We then accumulated some miles by flying to Baltimore on a ridiculously cheap fare for a two-night stay, limiting our sightseeing to a quick walk through the Mall of America, a short shuttle ride from our hotel.

Later in September our destination was Vienna, which we flew to via Zurich on a much cheaper UA IAD-ZRH fare, supplemented by a short hop on OS (Austrian Airlines) from ZRH to VIE.

There we enjoyed ourselves attending a FlyerTalk Do, and meeting old and new FT friends. We took a side trip to Bratislava Slovakia, where we attended a marvelous (and economical) production of one of our favorite operas, Tosca, in the new opera hall.

A fascinating highlight was the behind-the-scenes tour of VIE, including a visit to the OS Flight Attendant Training Center. Whee...

Along with the usual tourist gawking in Vienna, Bratislava, and Zurich, we naturally found time to enjoy some lovely European meals, including a return visit to Vienna's Gulaschmuseum, for lunch.

With school being back in session, typically fine weather, and generally lower prices, September is an excllent month to travel.

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