Monday, December 6, 2010

Leavenworth Christmas Lights

The Wenatchee weather has been fantastic. Last night we took full advantage of it by driving the half hour or so over to Leavenworth, mainly four-lane on Highway #2, to take in the town's absolutely spectacular Christmas lights. By the time we arrived it wasn't nearly as crowded as the scenes in this video, but it was just as beautiful, and we enjoyed walking a couple of blocks past some beautiful window displays in the small shops. Yes, for a few minutes Kathy and Brian felt like they were back strolling around a small German or Austrian town.

Everyone from nearly one-year-old Blane up to Grandma and Grandpa were impressed by the spectacle. It appears that three-year-olds like it too, although it was probably a tossup for Riley between the lights and the hot chocolate in the restaurant where most of us ate non-Germanic hamburgers, Brian's Bratwurst sausage excepted.

We also confirmed that some American three-year-olds love sauerkraut - in fact, Riley preferred it to the quite-pleasant cup of split-pea soup that was ordered for her.

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