Saturday, March 5, 2011

Do We Have Any Trips Planned?

Yes we do, come to think of it. In our quest to achieve Million Mile status with United Airlines by May, well before finalization of its merger with Continental, we're taking what some would call the long way around next week by flying to Sao Paulo Brazil via London Tuesday.

After overnight stops both in London and Sao Paulo and about 13,000 flight miles, we fly to IguazĂș Falls, right on the border between Brazil and Argentina. We're staying at the Sheraton IguazĂș Resort, and we'll find out what our status-matched SPG Platinum gets us.

After two nights there we fly to Buenos Aires for a one-night stay at the

March 15 we board the Oceania Cruise Line's Insignia, for our third Buenos Aires - Barcelona transatlantic cruise.

We disembark April 3, taxi to the airport, and fly to London, overnighting again at the LHR Hilton before flying home April 4.

It's a tough job but somebody has to do it.


  1. Nice trip! I love Iguazu Falls, and the location of that hotel -- inside the park -- is perfect. I'm thinking of a quick trip to EZE, with maybe a day in GRU, in July.

    When do you depart SEA for the long way to EZE? I'll be there for a couple of hours late morning Thurs on my way to ICN via SEA & NRT.

  2. We'll just miss you by a couple of days. Ironically, Thursday will find us at your home airport, IAD, after our flight to LHR.

  3. We'll miss you in London by 6 weeks! Damn, we have both the kids with us as well.

    We'll just have to organise a trip to the States (JFK/SEA/RNO) for the second half of 2012.

    Enjoy the travels, make that goal of 1MM and then start planning for the next MM.

    Lindsay, Vicky, Charlotte & Jack Wilson

  4. We'd love to see you all at any time!