Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thousand-Mile Journeys Begin With Single Schlep

Paraphrasing Confucius, (or was it Lau Tzu?) we've planned to schlep as little luggage as possible.

As we ready ourselves to leave Issaquah and three grandchildren (and, yippee, we've managed to visit with all seven within the past week) we're each carrying a roll-aboard and a smaller bag. As usual for a trip of this length, we've checked weather reports and tried to calculate appropriate wear for each locale.

Various folks have warned us that Iguazu Falls is hot, humid, and downright wet at some of the sightseeing venues, so it's pretty obvious to pack shorts and drip-dry shirts. Our cruise line, Oceania, adheres to "country-club-casual" attire, so Brian isn't taking so much as a sport jacket.

Besides, Insignia has a reasonably priced self-serve mini-laundromat aboard, so as long as we can make it that far on a week's supply of clothes we're all set.

Yet again we hail the inventor of the roll-aboard, Robert Plath.

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