Thursday, March 10, 2011

LHR: The Star Alliance Lounge

Our sleep was intermittent last night but we've managed a few hours. U.K. time is eight hours ahead of the Pacific Time Zone. Today we're flying to IAD and laying over there for several hours in the Eastern Time Zone, five hours behind the U.K., before flying overnight to GRU (Sao Paulo), which is two hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. Why bother worrying about what time it is, other than to make sure we board on time?

A friendly Hilton employee gave us a ride down that tube in a golf cart this morning. Sitting on the back, clutching our roll-aboards on our laps, we felt like we were on a thrill ride. We even managed to board the Heathrow Express for our 3 1/2 minute ride from Terminal Four to Terminal One with three minutes to spare.

Our check-in and trip through security were as easy as they could be, with absolutely no wait at either stop. We're already guessing that IAD won't be quite as easy so we'll enjoy the moment.

The Star Alliance Lounge, which we've visited before once or twice, isn't quite as elaborate as the famed London Lounge, but it's a perfectly fine spot to while away 90 minutes while waiting to board our flight.

It's a good start to a long day of travel. By the time we land at GRU Friday morning, we'll have flown the equivalent of slightly more than halfway around the world. The countdown toward Million Mile status continues apace.

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