Thursday, March 10, 2011

Treated Like A Senator In Washington

We're posting this from the LH (Lufthansa) Senator Lounge in the B Gates as we stare out the window at the adjacent LH 747 about to be pushed back to fly to FRA. It's all like a quick trip to Germany for us, with Beck's beer on tap, and some wonderful Germanic food available.

Our LHR-IAD flight (staffed with another outstanding British-based cabin crewO was late due to some rerouting around storms, but with a six-hour layover here before boarding our flight to GRU (Sao Paulo), we at least were in no hurry.

Having heard the rumors about this lovely lounge, we took the new train from the C Gates over here, our second train ride of the day. Shortly after arriving, we signed in for showers, and are now feeling thoroughly refreshed for our next flight.

It's been a great day so far, but there's no doubt we'll feel a little fatigued by the time we arrive at GRU tomorrow morning.

And an hour later... We're now in a Red Carpet Club near our C Gate and will be heading there in a few minutes. Anybody reading the last few posts would think that we spend all our time lounging around. We've spent a far amount of time in and around airports for the past few days, and the lounges have certainly made it as pleasant an experience as it could be.

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