Monday, June 2, 2014

Hanoi: Comme Ci Comme Ça French Lunch

Every so often we need to experience something just so-so to make us appreciate the truly fine experiences. Today we went for lunch at the well-reviewed Press Club Restaurant just a block from our hotel. Our first criterion was air conditioning and the Press Club is cool. Its extensive website shows that it's a successful operation. Everything about it was terrific, except for the food, which was just "okay."

We could pay a similar US $80 for a lunch in a similar joint in Seattle, but this food wouldn't have impressed us there either. It wasn't bad - just somewhat mediocre.

Kathy's French Onion Soup was too sweet and the stock lacked substance. Anybody who's tasted Kathys' version of this classic knows that she speaks with some authority. Brian's Green Pea Soup with Scallops was fine, if a little light on the scallops.

Kathy's main course was a salmon, prawn, and pasta combination with everything overcooked. Brian's Chicken Breast with Prosciutto was adequate but not memorable.

The atmosphere and service would be great to impress a visiting businessman, but for us it will probably be a return visit to Nha hang Ngon tonight for some more of their tasty Vietnamese snacks before our long bus ride to Halong Bay in the morning.

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