Monday, June 2, 2014

Hanoi: Crossing The Street

Yesterday we bumped into an Expat from New Zealand who offered us a little rhyme for crossing streets:

Slowly Walking Walking Walking
No Stopping Stopping Stopping

We've managed to cross some busy streets by keeping that in mind. The trick is not to change speed. Brian panicked once yesterday as a bus bore down on us but fortunately the bus stopped and Brian didn't run into the path of the cars and motorbikes driving on the other side of the bus.

We noticed that the buses in Ho Chi Minh city emit a car-alarm style of siren when their turn indicators are on, obviously a warning for motorbikes.

As for us, every time we cross another street we feel strangely proud of ourselves for making it all the way.

Today we crossed the roundabout near the Opera House a total of three times on foot. Although the traffic isn't nearly as busy as that in Ho Chi Minh City, our photos don't do the experience justice. 

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