Sunday, June 8, 2014

Premium Laurel Class Dining Aboard EVA Air

Yes, EVA Air's Premium Laurel Class really seems premium to us.


That's a four-course lunch on a 3 1/2-hour flight, considering the fruit plate and ice cream are served separately. There was a choice of three entrees and we both went with the beef.

Dinner TPE-LAX

It was quite a meal, with a multitude of flight attendants to serve us. Note the closeup of the aspic appetizer in the second photo below.

Kathy opted for the steak (too much to finish dinner) and Brian enjoyed his chicken.

Had we included a cheese plate (we skipped it), it would have added up to a six-course dinner. Five courses were more than enough for us. 

Breakfast TPE-LAX

After a great sleep, we awoke to a two-course breakfast of more food than we could handle.

The first course (we chose the 'Western' option) below - muesli, yogurt, fruit plate and croissant - contained more than enough for us.

We nibbled at the second plate. Unlike the Brits and Aussies, we're not fans of breakfast beans so it was easy to skip those. The cylindrically-shaped omelets (or frittatas?) were worth a couple of bites, but we couldn't miss the tasty, albeit greasy, hash browns.

We didn't try any of the hot inflight snacks that can be prepared in just a minute. Yes, even we have our limits.

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