Friday, May 1, 2015

Xi'an - Shaanxi Museum and Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

We're hanging in as best we can but we're hot and tired. We visit the crowded museum first, after Timo brings us in through the souvenir shop with a clerk offering to "make you good deal" as soon as we glance at anything.

We then drive to the pagoda, which resembles Pisa's Leaning Tower. Timo hands us off to Mr. Wang, a "volunteer" who gives us a tour, including a short calligraphy lesson.

We give him a "donation" and Timo and our driver, Mr. Wong, thankfully drop us off at the hotel.

After about 30 hours in the air flying 15,000 miles on seven flights, starting from home early Sunday morning to Tuesday afternoon in China, we're beat.

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