Monday, October 19, 2015

Open Skies Lounge at Orly Ouest

We got the last two seats on the 10-passenger Hilton Shuttle and made our way to the Open Skies check-in counter without difficulty.

Once finished there, we stood in a long dismal exit / security queue (in fact there were two) for a couple of minutes until we realized there was a priority line right at the front for Open Skies "Biz Bed."

Security was efficient and painless (about as easy as TSA Pre-Check but without any "barkers").

We are now seated in the Open Skies Lounge, just a right turn and down the stairs (or elevator) from the security checkpoint exit.

We have fond memories of sitting in this lounge with our Avery this past summer, awaiting the same flight. 

In addition, any place that offers this champagne is all right by us.

At revoir, France!

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