Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ventimiglia: Lunch at Enoteca Consani

We picked up our compact Eurocar rental this morning (US $61 for three days) and got upgraded to an Audi A3, a comfortable and peppy hatchback.

We drove over to Ventimiglia and stopped in for lunch at a wine bar / restaurant with good recommendations, Enoteca Consani. ( Enoteca means something like "wine library": )

Our hostess was welcoming and charming, describing the specials of the day in loving detail. 

Kathy selected a pasta with melanzone (eggplant). Brian chose the meatloaf with an "omelet" in it.

It was hearty and home style food at a very reasonable price, and our hostess (perhaps one of the sisters who are co-owners) made it a pleasant occasion.

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