Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wandering to Italy

We slept in late again today, but had plenty of time to reach the Italian border, only a mile or so away from our appartement.

Our first meal of the day was a 1:00 p.m. lunch at L'O à la Bouche, a cute little joint with a friendly waiter and very good food.

We started with a complimentary amuse-bouche, beignets (fritters) of a savory flavor. Between yesterday's and today's dejeuners (lunches) we've learned that a beignet can be other than those New Orleans sugar-covered delights.

We splurged on desserts today. Brian's Crème brûlée was exceptional.

Later, as we strolled across the border into Italy, we saw increased police vigilance, Ventimiglia being one locale where the "migrants" who are in the news are trying to enter France. The sign in the photo is posted on a tree in the front of an area that has been cordoned off with tape and seems to be basically a "Keep Out or Else" sign.

As we dropped by the duty-free store on the way back "home" after a visit to Balzi Rossi (Red Rocks), an archaeological museum that is the site of some of mankind's earliest cliff dwellers (a couple of hundred thousand years ago!) we saw a man trying to negotiate a ride into France, but have no idea whether he was a migrant, or just a guy trying to hitch a ride.

Flat Stanley seemed to enjoy the outing too. Of course, he's enthusiastic about everything.

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