Monday, October 26, 2015

Soup Dumplings Special at Sehome Road

We learned to love Xiaolongbao, often called soup dumplings, some years ago at Mr. Chu's in Coral Gables, Florida, thanks to Tom, Ellyn, and Haley.

They apparently originated in the Jiangnan region of China, where we're going to be visiting next month as we spend several days in Hangzhou, a big city a couple of hours from Shanghai.

Xiaolong translates as "steaming baskets" and Bao is a version of "bun." We've dined on steaming basket buns at Din Tai Fung, the Taiwan-based chain in several countries, as well as in a Hong Kong branch of another large international chain, Crystal Jade. We've even visited the Bellevue, Washington branch of Din Tai Fung.

We recorded our visit to a Taiwan branch of Din Tai Fung here and our Crystal Jade repeat visit in Hong Kong here. We've also enjoyed great soup dumplings at little independent joints, including one just up the road in Richmond, B.C.,  R&H Chinese Food in the Lansdowne Mall.

Simply put, we love Xiaolongbao.

It's not that surprising that Kathy finally decided to learn for herself if she could make them. She bought some ingredients and then spent a labor-intensive Sunday afternoon assembling them.

The results were good. Now if only we can entice a couple of grandchildren into helping assemble them...


Brother Greg said...

Very professional looking. I'm very impressed!

Kathy and Brian said...

Thanks! It was a tasty first effort.