Monday, October 7, 2013

Hong Kong: A Final Round Of Xiao Long Bao At Crystal Jade

Well, we just happened to be in the neighborhood and it seemed like a great idea. We took number 141 for two (121 was next up) and strolled down the mall to take a photo of the latest TV set development, 4K. Amazing picture clarity with a 3D feel and of course a rather amazing price, this one costing upwards of (USF) $20,000.

We wandered back to the restaurant. Horrors! Number 142 was now up on the screen. Brian explained our plight to the hostess, who said she would let us in and we were seated before long.

Here's something Kathy learned for future reference at this restaurant, but only 20 minutes into our second restaurant. If you want service, you hold your hand up and somebody comes almost immediately.

Our initial wait gave us time to read the thorough yet cute description on the placemat:
"Xiao Long Bao" - Steamed Pork Dumpling is a dish originated from China, Northern Song dynasty due to its popularity among the commoners. As it is small, delicate & exquisite, and steamed in a bamboo basket, hence, the name "Xiao Long Bao" (small basket dumpling) comes about. The perfect, authentic & superb Xiao Long Bao requires the skin to be thin, wrapping up the freshest meat.

Crystal Jade Superb Xiao Long Bao ~ Every piece of our soup dumpling Xiao Long Bao comes with smooth soft skin, filled with the freshest succulent meat & delicious soup broth that is uniquely tasty, burst in the mouth with a juicy explosion.
We explained to the pleasant waitress that all we wanted were four baskets of  Xiao Long Bao. Four soup dumplings? No, four baskets of soup dumplings. She smiled and went away. Awhile later, four baskets of soup dumplings arrived and nobody else noticed. We'd halfway expected pointing and giggling but the Chinese can be very polite and discreet.

These are slightly larger than those offered at Din Tai Fung, where we last ate in Taipei, but they're delicious here as well. Both establishments are on at least one list of the best Xiao Long Bao places in Hong Kong. We're not surprised.

On the way out we took more photos of the employees behind the window assembling these wonderful little morsels. Again we wanted to applaud. Instead, Kathy shot a 27-second video.


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