Monday, October 7, 2013

Hong Kong: A Leisurely Last Day

We decided to have a look at the Aberdeen Fishing Village on the final day of our stay.

We took the MTR to Central Station after having trouble finding the right bus at Admiralty. There we were among the first to board and sat in the front row on top of the double-decker, allowing us to gawk at buildings as rode up and down and around and through a tunnel before arriving.

Once off the bus we wandered around for awhile. It was a quiet Monday morning, although a few individuals did invite us to take sanpan rides, a popular tourist pastime. When we politely told them "No thank you" they accepted that with a smile.

By now it was nearing noon and it was hot here, without a lot of shade. We took in the views, decided that was quite enough, and hopped another bus back to Central.

We don't what this catch is, but it certainly looks interesting, doesn't it?

Back on the bus we pass by yet one more example of the way these folks use bamboo for scaffolding and support in construction.
Since we're in the neighborhood anyway, one more lunch at the Crystal Jade sounds very tempting.

Why not?

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