Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hong Kong: A Saturday Ferry Ride

After another leisurely buffet breakfast this morning in the sixth-floor lounge adjacent to our room in the T Hotel, we took a bus down to the ferry terminal.

There, in an extended senior moment, we took a ferry to Cheung Chau Island, a place we had already visited - and, shall we say, seen enough of - three years ago.

Not only that, but we hadn't read our own April 2010 blog post, and took the same bumpy fast ferry we had sworn off back then. Next time we'll try reading our own travel tips.

It was interesting to see fish and shrimp placed out in the sun to dry.

It was a lot warmer today and we were starting to dry out ourselves. After a little bit of wandering along the waterfront we were happy to hop back on a slow ferry and ride back in air-conditioned comfort.
Along the way we enjoyed the alliteration contained in a sign.
And of course we support the co-operative raising of pigs.
Apparently expectoration used to be a public health problem in China, so it's not that surprising to see signs like this one on the ferry.
Nobody was spitting today, so we could sit back and enjoy some skyline views out the windows as we chugged back to Hong Kong Island, 10 minutes longer than the faster ferry but a lot smoother.

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