Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Driving South on I-5

Flying HKG-SFO-SEA both of our United flights were okay. In fact, the service in the 747 upper deck was among the best we've seen. The crew appeared to be HKG-based. For the first time ever, we were served a warm midflight snack on United, a bowl of won-ton soup, and very pleasant it was.

United had actually set up a backup flight for us in the event we missed the connection. This led to a small misunderstanding as we first thought our original flight had been delayed significantly. Between Global Entry and the TSA Pre-Check we were at our gate with 40 minutes to spare, and had to time to drop by a very crowded SFO United Club for a few minutes.

The plane was of Continental vintage (with a CO crew) and had DirectTV. Brian's in 2B didn't work though and the flight attendants were fairly indifferent. Fortunately we carry splitters in our Bose Headphone kit and Brian simply watched the news with Kathy on her seatback screen.

We picked up our car at the Doubletree and drove 90 minutes south on I-5 and then 101, arriving at the new home of Riley, Blane, Jace, and their parents in Olympia, out on a lovely little peninsula.

We weren't much company last night, but we've managed to get ourselves quite a few hours of sleep and today should be better.

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