Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hong Kong: First Impressions Of The T Hotel

We discovered the T Hotel rated number 2 of 544 Hong Kong hotels on Trip Advisor some months ago and were fortunate enough to secure a room for four nights. The "T" of course stands for "training."

The room itself is fabulous, complete with a water view and of approximate 4-5 star quality. The service so far has been touching and at times amusing. The young man checking us in got lost while trying to escort us to our room. Eventually the supervisor took over and sent him back to the front desk, which apparently all of the students had abandoned.

We decided to dine in one of the two restaurants (we actually have to walk through it to get to our room) and the general ambience is a combination of Manuel of Fawlty Towers and Peyton and Lily of Issaquah serving us "play lunch" in their basement "restaurant."

We worked hard to keep straight faces through dinner. The young servers are tripping over each other and  themselves trying to please but occasionally they also get the giggles. So far we're having a blast and of course it's a great bargain.

The view of the setting sun from our window was quite stunning.

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