Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hong Kong: Arriving At the Conrad

After checking out of the T Hotel, we caught a bus almost immediately that we thought would take us to the Admiralty stop. Fortunately, the Sunday morning bus wasn't too crowded, as we were escorting our roll-aboards and carry bags and taking up more than our fair share of space.

We rode the bus to the end of the line, coming close to Admiralty but not stopping there. A kind couple, the last other than us to get off (he was in a wheelchair), directed us to an overhead walkway toward the MTR.

10 minutes later we arrived at the MTR station. As we suspected, it was only one stop from Admiralty, adjacent to Pacific Place and the Conrad, so we hopped on for a quick ride, getting our roll-aboards unsnagged from and through the old-fashioned turnstiles still in use at this stop with only a little difficulty.

Once off, we found our way to Pacific Place and followed the signs as best we could to the Conrad.

At the information center, a young woman told us to take the lifts to the fifth floor. We got off and made our way into the Conrad, finding ourselves in the middle of some kind of Christian church meeting in a banquet-type room.

We asked a passing employee how to get to the lobby and he told us to take the lift to the next floor up.

The next lift had actual directions to the lobby. We got off at the next floor and walked the long way around a counterclockwise group to finally arrive at the check-in desk.

We got our key-cards and took the lift to the 54th floor. As soon as we entered the room Kathy could smell the mold (we've heard it's a problem here) and knew she could never tolerate it. We immediately hopped back on the lift and rode up to the Executive Lounge to explain our problem.

The young woman checked availability and sent us off with another employee to check out another room on the same floor.  It turned out it wasn't a room  - it was a suite.

However, the priority was that it be relatively mold-free. Kathy could still smell a bit in the bedroom but it's probably as good as it gets here. The suite is magnificent and there's no doubt we'll enjoy our two nights here before flying home.

The entry way...
On the right are the bedroom (so-called peak view) and the bathroom.

Then there's the living room, completed with angled windows facing two ways and absolutely superb 180-degree views.

 There's even a small bathroom off the entrance corridor, so handy if we have guests dropping by.
Yes, this should be quite acceptable accommodation for our last two nights in Hong Kong this time around.

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