Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Taiwan: TPE And The EVA Air Lounge

What an anti-climax; however, sometimes anti-climaxes can be a relief.

We walked up to an EVA Air Business Class counter #9 and were checked in with boarding passes and lounge invitations within two minutes. We even got to keep our roll-aboards with us. And what a beautiful terminal it is.
Immigration and security were a breeze and before we knew it we were riding up the escalator to the lounge itself, admiring the magnificent "cataract" waterfall sculpture on the adjacent wall.
Then it was onward to the lounge itself, where we've enjoyed a pleasant breakfast and will continue to hang out until our flight boards at 12:15. Not a bad place to be...

Update: Well fed and relaxed, we took the time to explore the other EVA Lounge across the long opening aisle. We had been given our choice of lounge as we entered and the employee explained that one was more traditional and the other more modern. It is as beautiful as "our" lounge and perhaps offers a couple of different food items, or maybe a slightly different display. Both are fabulous places.

We strolled back and noticed that broth is being prepared for beef noodles. Who knows? We may even get to sample some Taipei beef noodles before we board our flight.

Yes, that's American-style breakfast cereal in the foreground, not to be confused with beef noodles.

Final update: Ah yes, the Taiwanese Beef Noodles are ready.  They are complemented nicely a by the Grumes D'or 2010 Pouilly-Fuissé sitting in the wine bucket.
Yes, United Flyers, it does beat any United Club hands down.

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