Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hong Kong: Quick Trip to Kowloon

We decided to take things easy Sunday afternoon and content ourselves with a quick trip over to Kowloon.

We left the Conrad, which sits atop Pacific Place Mall along with three other luxury hotels, and made the 10-minute walk to the Star Ferry terminal. Amazing as it seemed to us on a busy Sunday afternoon, the ferry was far from full, and we enjoyed the view on what's been described as "the most well-known ferry ride in Asia" and one of "the world's most beautiful ferry rides."

 Within a few short minutes it was time to get off and off we got.
Once off the ferry, we wandered the crowded Kowloon streets for a few minutes. Every few steps, it seemed, some entrepreneur wanted to sell Brian a Rolex or a suit. Brian offered to sell his Seiko to the watch vendors with a smile and that was the end of that. Interestingly, the would-be salesmen seemed to be of Indian rather than Chinese racial origin.

It was crowded and the mood seemed to be just like Sunday at home, people strolling slowly and almost aimlessly. We walked only as far as the famous Nathan Road.

There we hopped aboard the MRT for a one-stop ride back to Admiralty, the Pacific Mall, and the Conrad.

It gives some perspective to look down from our window and see the little ferries make their crossing. There's one docking on the Kowloon side.
And there's one out sailing out in the middle toward Hong Kong Island. 
 And now Happy Hour in the Conrad Executive Lounge on the top floor beckons.

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