Saturday, May 20, 2017

Back to Narita

We didn't give Kyoto a fair chance. We arrived exhausted after upwards of 30 hours of travel on two planes, two trains, and one hotel bus.

We accomplished a major sleep to the point we missed our buffet breakfast.

It was a little to start any ambitious tour itinerary, so we settled for a walk to the nearby temple complex.

We couldn't even give the Westin much of a recommendation. It's dated, our room was small and awkwardly laid out, the Club Lounge was extremely limited in the food department, and even the generous breakfast buffet lacked the "wow" factor. The employees were nice, but it was not a memorable stay.

Today we simply retraced our steps from there back to Narita Airport. With the help of more than one friendly local, we made our way from bus to train to train to bus without getting lost once. Almost before we knew it,?we were in the lobby of the Narita Hilton checking in.

Dinner was an adventure of sorts. To be continued...

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