Saturday, May 20, 2017

Hilton Narita: Communication Problems

After a couple of days of tofu, bits of seafood, and rice (no, we haven't suffered), the American-style burger and beer advertised at the entrance to the Hilton's Terrace Bar as a Limited Offer (a US $28 "special" gives one an idea of Japanese hotel restaurant prices) looked good so we entered.

We ordered a glass of house red (US $6) since Happy Hour was still on and told the friendly waiter we would like to eat. He looked surprised, and said "No food. This a bar."

Even though there were people sitting in the bar eating food, we allowed him to escort us to the restaurant next door.

It was largely a buffet and we sat ignored for awhile. Brian sensed confusion and walked all the way back to the bar entrance to snap the above photo.

When a waiter finally approached us, Brian showed him the photo.

"Oh, that's bar food."

We were then escorted back to a confused waiter in the bar, where it was all explained to him in Japanese.

We were careful to show no sign of irritation, but treated it as amusing, which it was.

The trouble was worth it. The burger and fixings, fries, and beer were outstanding, and very generous portions.

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