Monday, March 28, 2022

Lisbon’s Tram 28

Lisbon is a sizable city of half a million, so once we dropped our bags off at our hotel, the Holiday Inn Express Sulthana, we developed a plan for our first day in Lisbon

We grabbed a reasonably-priced Uber and took it to the beginning of the famous Tram 28 line. With the help of a friendly employee at the Metro information counter, we bought tickets for the tram and stood in the long line waiting to board one.

Eventually we did, and took a rather amazing ride of nearly an hour, up and down steep and narrow streets and around sharp corners.

After that, we found a nearby ethnic restaurant for a cheap and filling lunch of kebabs and Schwarma.

Then it was another Uber back to check in and enjoy some nap time in our modern and functional little rooms.

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