Saturday, March 12, 2022

Luxurious Airports, Anyone?

We ran across an article in The Discoverer Blog:

The Most Luxurious Airports in the World

Of the airports mentioned, Singapore Changi, Incheon International, Munich, Hong Kong, Hamad, and Zurich, we've been to all but Qatar's Hamad, all multiple times other than only twice or so at Incheon . 

It's hard to argue with any of the choices. Of course, this piece puts a lot of emphasis of the sights and activities these terminals offer, whether it's Changi's butterfly garden or Incheon's ice skating rink. 

Our favorite airports tend to be those easiest to get around, and those that include some of our favorite lounges, such as the ANA lounges at Tokyo Narita or Lufthansa's First Class Lounge at Frankfurt, FRA otherwise being far from our favorite airport, other than the pleasant associations it evokes with visits to Germany.

We're currently still trying to iron out all the wrinkles of our upcoming flight to Florida, transatlantic cruise on Oceania's Riviera, and post-cruise travels in Portugal, Italy, and Germany. It was pleasant to focus on this topic, and to hope that travel becomes fun again, sooner rather than later.

For now we endure much of it.

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