Sunday, October 9, 2022

Encountering Abe Lincoln in Springfield Illinois

Today has been a relaxing one with continuing beautiful sunny weather reaching into the high 60s.

We left our car parked at the Doubletree where we’d stayed last night and walked the three blocks to the Lincoln Museum and Library. We were disappointed to discover the Library is closed Sunday, but we used the time to enjoy the modern and high-tech museum.

Two separate theaters screen movies and their timing was such that we viewed them shortly after we entered. Both featured holograms so lifelike that we could have imagined we were watching live actors.

The displays and dioramas throughout the museum combine scholarship and showmanship. The First Family stands in the grand entry hall. We could have had our photo taken with them, but we weren’t dressed for the occasion.

So many tableaus from the life of Lincon, including the Lincoln-Douglas debates…

Here’s the cabinet meeting when President Lincoln asked their opinion of his draft Emancipation Proclamation…

Right up to their fateful attendance at Ford’s Theater…

The Lincoln Museum is definitely “worth a visit.”

Before leaving the area, we had to take a look at the impressive Illinois State Capitol Building.

Completed in 1888 at a cost of $4.5 million, it happens to be the nation’s tallest non-skyscraper Capitol building, at a height of 361 feet.

A statue of Abe Lincoln is at the front.

We then drove a few blocks and parked our car, then walked over to the Lincoln Home, a National Historic Site overseen by the National Park Service.

We signed up for a guided tour, and learned more about Lincoln the husband and father.

We entered the house in a group of 10 or so, which is about maximum capacity.

Lincoln enjoyed considerable success as a lawyer, and his ability to buy this house for his family confirms that.

This writing desk was Lincoln’s.

We’ve gained a deeper understanding of Lincoln and enjoyed ourselves along the way.

Late this afternoon we drove over to Jacksonville, Illinois, where we’re staying at a Hampton Inn. Tomorrow, thanks to Beth Young, we’re meeting a history professor at Illinois College, who is providing us with some information about two graduates, Elisha Bentley Hamilton I and II, Kathy’s great-grandfather and grandfather.

Tonight we dined at the top-rated Springfield restaurant, Leo’s Pizza. Better than last night, not bad, and reasonably priced.

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