Sunday, March 24, 2024

A Good Flight on Condor and a Currency Ripoff at the Frankfurt Airport Starbucks

Jace proved to be a good flyer on our pleasant, although bumpy, SEA-FRA flight on a Condor A350.

The food was okay, the seats are okay, and the flight attendants are friendly.

Jace got to experience a bus gate on landing, and a long walk to get to the right train tracks.

We stopped at a Starbucks and Brian only noticed after paying with a credit card that he’d been sucked into the Dynamic Currency Conversion scam, paying a 3% markup for the privilege of paying in U.S. dollars.

A good reminder for the remainder of the trip.

This should be about $24.17 US at current exchange rates.

Two train rides and a taxi later, we’ve reached the Hilton in Heidelberg.

We have time to visit the Executive Lounge.

We eat in the hotel’s restaurant, where Jace dines on Wienerschnitzel.

A good night’s sleep follows and we’re ready to start Monday morning.


Anonymous said...

The food looks fabulous compared to our meal flying coach on delta… thank you for the heads up on the currency exchange… ouch…

Kathy and Brian said...

Luckily a small transaction and all part of the experience… live and learn!