Saturday, March 2, 2024

The Hilton Budapest: Twelve Years Later

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we visited Budapest, yet it was 2012. In truth, for us that’s not that long ago!

We had arranged transportation through Sun Transfers, and a a friendly young driver with some skill in English picked us up, despite our flight’s late arrival.

The airport, as far as we could tell, only has ATMs of the Travelex or Euronet variety that offer lousy exchange rates, so we avoided them and offered our driver a tip in US dollars, which he gratefully accepted.

We were welcomed with typical Hungarian hospitality, and upgraded on our bargain rate to a magnificent 700-square feet Danube-view suite. That’s larger than the first apartment we two newlyweds lived in some 54 years ago!

The views, once we figure out how to operate the electric sheer and blackout curtain openers, are magnificent.


Why yes, yes they do.

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Anonymous said...

Holy moley that really is a lovely view…. And I got so hungry looking at the dishes you were served on the flight. How absolutely beautiful….