Monday, March 25, 2024

At the Heidelberg Castle

We all slept fairly well, Jace best of all. We started the day with a hearty Hilton breakfast.

From there it was a quick Uber ride up to Heidelberg Castle on a beautiful sunny day.

There is so much fascinating European history intertwined with the building and destruction of this site over several hundred years. We were fortunate to have an excellent English-speaking guide who mixed history with humor.

The guided tour allowed us to go inside. After the tour, Jace was able to climb on top of one of the world’s largest wine barrels.

We rode up to the next stop on the funicular railway and enjoyed lunch outside.

Frankfurters and a beer for us and Eintopf (stew) and a Coke for Jace.

Jace couldn’t quite finish the bowl, but did leave room for what he called “the best cheesecake ever.”

We rode the funicular down and decided to walk back the mile or so to our hotel along the Neckar River.

It adds up to a pretty good first full day in Europe. 

Tomorrow consists of a couple of train rides to Salzburg and an evening dinner concert of Mozart. We’ll hope for another good night’s sleep tonight.