Saturday, March 30, 2024

Visiting the Louvre with Jace

After a good sleep, we decided to check out the 38-Euro(!) breakfast that is fortunately free for Hilton Diamond members. It was okay, if not great, and Jace said his French Toast was the best he’d ever had.

Our omelettes were tasty, there was plenty of coffee, and the freshly squeezed orange juice at the buffet was a nice touch.

Thus fortified, we headed to the Louvre re via two short Métro rides. Incidentally, the Trocadéro Canopy by Hilton is only a half block from the Trocadéro Métro stop if you use the Georges Mandel exit, “By George,” as described by Brian as a memory aid.

The Louvre dispelled any notion that there wouldn’t be any crowds in March. This is our 40-minute queue with advance tickets.

We gradually edged toward the entry, looking at storefronts as we shuffled along.

Finally we were inside the cavernous entry Anderson’s I.M. Pei’s once controversial and now admired Pyramid.

The audio guides were sold out, but we saw what we wanted to see. First was the Venus de Milo.

It’s possible to get fairly close and Jace had a good view.

Next was the Mona Lisa. The Louvre has apparently given up the queue that worked reasonably well on our two most recent visits.

We set Jace free to squeeze his way as close to the front as he could, and he experienced success.

We were happy to be reunited with him.

The last must-see for us was the Winged Victory of Samothrace at the top of one stairway.

We spent about 90 minutes admiring statues and paintings before agreeing that was plenty for a visit on a crowded Saturday.

Ironically, our very longest wait was a half hour to use the restrooms just before we left. The men’s room in fact was closed and Brian with dozens of other males to use the one-stall family facility 

Eventually we made our escape outside to the Tuileries and found a man making crêpes. Jace relished one smeared with Nutella.

From there was a leisurely stroll along the Seine, admiring the Alexandre Bridge as we passed it.

We gradually got closer to La Tour.

Eventually we caught a Métro back to Trocadéro, ate dinner at the same restaurant as the previous night, and went to bed early in anticipation of losing an hour as Daylight Savings Time begins in Europe.

Another successful day has passed.


Kim and John said...

Loving the photos and stories so much! What an experience for Jace! He looks so happy!

Anonymous said...

So that didn’t take that long to see all you wanted to there… I am surprised as if I had known that I may have been able to talk patty into going there… oh well, next visit with my little granddaughter. We are at CDG airport now and on our way home. Safe travels for the rest of your tour!

Kathy and Brian said...

Still in the midst of our adventure and en route to Venice. Safe travels!